Touch Tour

Touch Tour, ongoing

Performance, approx. 1,5 hours

The participants are given a guided tour with information about the artwork and how they are supposed to touch it. The viewing starts with a warmup of the body and the distribution of a warm wet towel to clean the hands with. By every artwork the guide speaks about the piece and then the visitors get to touch the piece according to an especially prepared method such as stroking with the pinkie finger or pressing with the elbow, slowly along one side. By every artwork one is given a description of the piece and its making. One also gets a specific instruction that, according to the guide, is part of how the artist intended the artwork to be experienced. The viewing and the art become as much of a tactile as a visual experience as well as a reflection of the guide as a bearer of knowledge. A performance that started as a collaboration with Lily Benson and that has been shown at the Malmö Art Academy annual exhibition 2014 and at Wanås Sculpture in Park 2016.