In my practice, I work with power structures, identity, historiography and the need to create dreams and ideals.

I work predominantly with video installation and participation plays a big part in the process so that most works are formed through some type of collaboration with other individuals, groups or institutions. This can be through reading groups, interviews, working with actors, participatory performances or workshops. I see my practice as a platform where my inquiries can facilitate various activities and meetings to take place.

Through combining authentic material, staged performances and archival material I seek to ask questions about representation, authenticity and fiction. The installations usually consist of several projections, allowing me to remove a linear narrative and instead reveal several aspects of a story.

My working process is generally quite slow as the project develops. I read a lot and spend a lot of time working with people in various ways and visiting places to gather film material to work with. It usually takes at least one year for me to complete a work.

In recent years, my artistic work has evolved from projects that examine the possibilities of the individual within existing structures; such as the three people who together try to become legal guardians of a child (The Politics of Voices) to working more with specific locations and examining how society’s tendencies have changed the view of the place over time, such as the still active commune built in 1940 for single women (The Feminist Vision) or the resistance movement and Facebook group about women in remote areas and urban hegemony (Where It All Happens).

I am a member of the studio collective Slätten in Malmö as well as being active in UNICORN, a group of artists who work to create networks to help other artists living under oppressive structures.