Den feministiska visionen/ The Feminist Vision

The Feminist Vision, 2016

2-channel video projection, HD, sound, 13.39 min, plants, piedestals in mixed materials. 

The piece unfolds in two places; a collective house called Elfvinggården built in 1940 for professional, single women and in a fictional place called Herland. It poses questions about the situation for women from the 1940’s up until today and about which places or environments that make collective change possible.

The video piece has been developed together with a reading group at Elfvinggården consisting of six women who live in the house. Together they have read the sci-fi novel Herland from 1915 by the American author Charlotte Perkins Gilman- a utopian feminist narrative that unfolds in an isolated land where only females live that reproduce themselves through virgin birth. The novel examines how a society without the division of two binary gender identities could look.

The conversations in the reading group shift between reflecting on their own situation and other females situation in a historical and feminist perspective in relation to the utopian vision portrayed in the novel. But the reading also inspires more thoughts on how the collective house could function in the future.

The video oscillates between showing environments from the collective house that has mainly stayed the same since it was built and the fictional place in the novel, as the participants in the reading group imagine it. In the installation both places meet through plant arrangements from the collective house in a pink light similar to the one that can be found in Herland.