where it all happens

Where it all happens, 2019

video projection, HD, sound, 37 min, postcards

The video installation, Where it all happens, takes a Facebook group and the images shared on it as a starting point. That group is a forum where women can discuss their experiences living in rural areas, where they are exposed to both gender-based and urban-centric forms of oppression. Those images of their surroundings and their daily lives enable them to build a sense of community despite the geographical distance. Instead of presenting a portrait of the Facebook group members, the artist starts a dialogue which brings together different voices showing the complex power relations between the city and the countryside.

Industrialization implied the expansion of the Swedish railway system, a factor which had a huge impact in the tourist industry. That’s also the time of the biggest wave of urbanization in Sweden’s history: in less than a hundred years the population shift from rural to urban areas increased from 15 to 80 percent. Moreover, technological development made that more people had access to personal cameras. The growing urban middle class started to travel in the new means of transport, taking their own pictures and sending postcards. Where it all happens traces how the image of the countryside has been constructed from the fin de siècle to our days.

Even though the act of travelling occupies a central role in this work, it is not inviting us to “visit” rural areas of Sweden. Rather, the work is taking us to a journey through deeply rooted narratives concerning the countryside, while giving voice to those contesting and resisting them.