The Press Conference

The Press Conference, 2013

Photography, text, vest in silvery fabric material

In 2013, I began to visit various press conferences in Malmö, attempting in as many ways as possible to access the press information available to the public. I participated with an analogue camera, photographing on film while wearing a vest of silvery fabric. The vest is a symbol for the photographer, primarily for those reckless photographers who work in difficult conditions. Initially these garments gained popularity as the photographer could move freely in it, but they were also ideal as they had numerous pockets of various sizes that one could use when needing to quickly change a roll of film or switch to another lens. The vest I wore had a silvery fabric that reflected its surroundings; similar to the reflectors that photographers sometimes use to bounce light.

During the press conferences, I photographed just like the other photographers, but the camera I used demanded more precision and I couldn’t move as fast as the other photographers when the situation demanded it. I noticed that many people began to stare,

my vest had drawn their attention. So instead of being discreet and invisible, which is the task of a press photographer, the focus was on me.

Most of the press conferences I attended were small gatherings of about 30 people, as such they were quite intimate situations where my presence became glaringly obvious. At times I would be asked for my name by someone, but they never asked any follow-up questions. My camera and my outfit were obviously wrong. With my presence and my attire, I wanted to investigate the role of news photography as the purveyor of truth and the role of the photographer as the invisible observer.