Orgasm, 2014

Video, sound, HD, sound, 6 min.

The video work is a rephrasing of the A.S.M.R-phenomenon (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). A.S.M.R is a youtube-phenomenon where everyday things like flicking through a book or doing something in a slow pace is accompanied by a whispering voice to achieve a tickling sensation, sometimes described as a brain orgasm.

Instead of something every day being described in the piece Orgasm there is a hand stroking the sand on a beach, in the background one can hear the sound of waves and the classic radical feminist text The Myth of Vaginal Orgasm (Anne Koedt, 1970) is being whispered. The aesthetic of the piece resembles that of a relaxation video. The text relates to the oppressing cultural historical view on the female orgasm which, among others, was coined by Freud. He had the opinion that the clitoris orgasm was for girls while adult women only should tend to the more mature vaginal orgasm.

The work is part of a collective film viewing with the title The Unnamed Feeling: video experiments in Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (A.S.M.R) and have been shown at Folkets Bio in Umeå and at Spektrum in Berlin.