Om EU/ About the EU

Om EU / About the EU, 2011

Performance, duration approx. 5 min.

In Hollis Frampton’s Critical Mass a young couple argue about their relationship. The dialogue is partially cut before they are finished, partly repeated, stopped again, repeated, until their sentences have been completed. I wanted to use this structure. In the work About the EU, two men step onto a stage, sit down opposite each other and enact a dialogue based on a debate between two politicians. Their speeches blend together and are repeated in such a way that it is extremely difficult to understand what they are saying; only certain words penetrate. It is almost impossible to follow their reasoning even though it is obvious that they are debating. All that remains is the rhythm of spoken words.

Documentation from performance as part of the exhibition Destroy, She Said; Inter Arts Discourse and Production, Inter Arts Center, Malmö.