More Than A Hundred Years Of Catalogs

More Than A Hundred Years Of Catalogs, 2018

catalog 24,5×20,5 cm, 38 pages, lottery tickets

The starting point for the work is Skånes Konstförenings storage in the cellar, filled with boxes, cords, paintings, china, computers, art lexicon, catalogs and other items that have been saved during all the active years of the art association. From this random savings, a historical writing of Skånes art scene is emerging.


More Than A Hundred Years Of Catalogs is a lottery and a catalog that focuses on the storage randomly kept catalogs from different art movements, galleries, established and unestablished artists, writers and critics who over time become more established or is now unknown to the general public.


The foundation of an art association (konstförening) is the lottery, an idealistic idea of ​​being able to acquire a piece of art by paying a membership fee. Today, Skånes Konstförening remains only as with the name with five unknown paying members and over a hundred years of catalogs when the art association now is lotting its own history.