Mapping New Spaces

Mapping New Spaces, 2010

video, no sound, HD, 6 min.

In this silent work, the camera follows a person as they move from room to room in an uninhabited apartment. Through using various gestures within the empty space they describe where objects should be placed when decorating the apartment.
Each time someone moves into a new apartment they must go through their possessions, pack certain things into boxes and discard the rest. Questions about which possessions are worth owning, what colour the walls should be or what furniture one should have suddenly become important decisions to be made. More things need to be purchased; they should show one’s taste and should both represent and generate eventual memories. A feeling of newness emerges and routines are transformed. The idea of creating a new order for a new place and the idea of what that new place will generate for experiences is just that, an idea, which is often more satisfying than the result. The fantasy is always better.