Föreställningen / The show, 2010

videoinstallation, sound, HD, 2 min, men’s shirt

In a silent video loop, a topless man is shown attempting to breastfeed a child. The child struggles against the man’s attempts to get the baby to suck on his nipple. As a part of the installation a row of men’s shirts were hung on hooks along the walls.

While researching for this work I was inspired by an academic article by Jared Diamond, professor of physiology at UCLA, who wrote that male breastfeeding is biologically possible. Both the idea and the title for this work came about from my own frustration with the limitations and possibilities that are connected to possessing a particular body, as well as the narrow gender roles that exist to play within. I linked these to Judith Butler’s text in Gender Trouble about bodies, gender and desire, and how these are organised in a particular way and are an effect of social and cultural circumstances.